about us

Simply put, all the transients is a small record label devoted to creative music.

We have music ranging from noise to pop to all things inbetween. Always trying to find a way to keep you (and me) on our toes.

As such a small endeavor we have limited resources and work with what we have to the best of our abilities to try and keep things as top notch as possible, because we want to do justice to the music and do right by you. But we believe the value of music is in it's untangable qualities, and that quality music will remain quality music on any medium. As such we've accept the compromises of digital distribution for now in an effort to provide you with something you may dig. If demand calls for it, we're more than willing to press a run of cd's or even vinyl. But until then, the music comes first.

As an operation run by one person with a computer this is the very definition of indie. But "cred" is for chumps. We do what we do for the love of the art. Its as simple as that.

thanks ... welcome ... etc ...